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Barry Windsor-Smith

Barry Windsor Smith - Conan Saga - Inks by me

Conan Saga#2 Cover Prelims


Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins - Conan

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins - Jack Kirby

Wonder Woman - Dan Adkins


Val Mayerik


Savage Sword of Conan #84


John Byrne

John Byrne - Nextmen

Wonder Woman

Gene Colan

Doctor Strange # 175

pg 5

Dr Strange

Gene Colan - Liz Sherman

Doctor Strange #17 pg16

Gene Colan Dan Adkins Cover Re-Creation - Dr. Strange #172

Gene Colan Tom Palmer - Dracula Lives #3

Dracula 5 pg14

Nathaniel Dusk

Gene Colan - Batman

Gene Colan - Daredevil

Broken Bottle of Djinn - Gene Colan

Buffy pg 1

Buffy pg 7

Buffy pg 13

Buffy pg2

Buffy pg 9

Buffy pg 17

Buffy pg 4

Buffy pg 11

Buffy pg 18

Buffy pg 5

Buffy pg 12

John Buscema

Conan Death Covered in Gold #1 pg 6

Silver Surfer #3 Cover Re-creation

Conan DCIG #1 page 15

SS#7 pg 1 Splash

Conan SSOC #61 pg 16

Thor Cover Re-creation #178

Silver Surfer#5 Alternate Cover

Tarzan JB & Bob Mcleod

John Romita

ASM#74 pg1

ASM#108 pg18

ASM#109 Cover

In Love #3 Prelims


Robert Bailey

Alex Raymond Rip Kirby Honey Dorian

Berni Wrightson Pencils H.G.Wells Time Machine

Wrightson DePues H.G. Wells Time Machine