Gone But Not Forgotten

We all have items in our collection that we just had to let go.

Below are some of the items I have sold, but will never forget.

Jack Kirby

In Love#3 pg 14


In Love#3 pg 19


John Buscema

Conan DCIG

Siver Surfer #4 Cover Re-creation

Silver Surfer#10 pg9

Wolverine Nick Fury

Silver Surfer#13 p14

Silver Surfer#15 pg3

John Byrne

John Byrne Spider-Man

Xmen ReImagining Wolverine In The Sewers

John Byrne - Thor



John Romita - Captain America

Mike Hoffman

ShangChi Dan Adkins

Weringo Adkins

George Perez

The Hunter - Darwyn Cooke

The Hunter - Darwyn Cooke

JRjr Batman Punisher

JRJr Klaus Jansen